Window Cleaning

The Dazzle Cleaning Service team is highly professional and experienced in commercial window cleaning. We use safe window cleaning processes and technologies and are devoted to providing high-quality work.

Our Tools of the Trade

We are the experts in cleaning hard-to-reach places. Our water-fed pole systems can clean three stories from the ground. Plus, our extension poles, also known as telescopic poles, have water jets and a brush. This tool enables us to clean windows thoroughly.

Jets purify the water by removing salt and other contaminants from the primary water source, which allows it to break down dirt on the window surface effectively. The brush softly scrubs this dirt away while the purified water covers the entire surface for a complete rinse. This process guarantees sparkling clean windows without smudges.

Why Dazzle Cleaning Service?

We guarantee a professional and dedicated team, high-quality window cleaning, and competitive rates. Our services help businesses stand out and maintain a professional look.

We do not limit our services by window size or type, and clean everything from heavy-duty commercial windows to shop front windows.

We offer the best commercial window cleaning services in the Queensland area, and our staff are professional, reliable, friendly, and prepared to meet your needs.